Visual communication, products, consultancy and services.

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We create your login, letterhead, websites, flash animations, brochures, folders, flyers, ...
- Multisite for joomla!.
- FAQ for joomla!.
- Merchant account
- credit card for virtuemart
- Project management
- Custom development
- Language C, C++, PHP, ...
- Windows, Unix, ...

Your partner for both computer and technical apect but also the visual aspects that are required by new technology.


We assist you in your specific software development, systems integration but also we help you get new visual identity and contribute in a new branding image. We can build your web sites, create a wide range of advertising support, integrate your web sites with existing applications (backoffice, ...) and create all the necessary computer interfaces.

We also have a "product" department that provide application ready to use for some very popular CMS (content management systems) like Joomla!. Among them we can provide merchant account and payment solutions. We are partner of ClearPark for the "merchant account".


Our services and consultancy department has more than 25 years experiences in development of application in a wide range of sectors (bank and finance, real time processing, artificial intelligence, EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, ...).
Our project managers and developers have skill in many languages like C, Basic, PHP, ... and on many system (Windows, Unix, Mainframe, ...)